Don't Sellout Wyoming's Night Skies to Power Colorado !

Houston Based Power Company ConnectGEN is proposing a 26,000 acre wind turbine project that will wipe out the Wyoming valley between Ames Monument and Boulder Ridge

Plans call for up to one hundred fifty-one 675 foot turbines, a 7000 foot maintenance building, an 8 acre switchyard, and two 5 acre substations.

Wind Turbines are getting larger, and turbine blades longer.

The Tallest Building in Wyoming is White Hall on the UW campus

White Hall is 12 stories and is 200 feet high.

Do Wind Turbines Fail?

You be the judge

Legislature Crafts Bill to Better Regulate Turbine Project Construction

During this 2020 Legislative session Wyoming will look at more stringent laws pertaining to wind turbine construction, especially close to residential communities.  We will keep you updated on movement of the proposal.  It will begin with the Corporations Committee.  Click to read the proposed bill SF0036.

Wind Turbines and Property Values

A presentation by


Kurt C. Kielisch, ASA, IFAS, SR/WA

President / Sr. Appraiser – Appraisal Group One



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