Don't Sellout Wyoming's Night Skies to Power Colorado !

The Western Spirit

Or the Wasted Spirit

Petition to Albany County Commissioners

“Albany County’s current Industrial Wind Energy Regulations do NOT adequately protect the county’s natural resources, nor do they ensure the health, safety, and quality of life of the residents, businesses, and recreational users in proximity of these facilities.  I request the county immediately review and amend existing regulations.”

Press Conference ; 1224 Signatures on Petition submitted to Albany County

Albany County Petition for Wind Change

Posted by Albany County for Smart Energy Development on Monday, September 14, 2020

Houston Based Power Company ConnectGEN is proposing a 26,000 acre wind turbine project that will wipe out the Wyoming valley between Ames Monument and Boulder Ridge

Plans call for up to one hundred fifty-one 675 foot turbines, a 7000 foot maintenance building, an 8 acre switchyard, and two 5 acre substations on 26,000 acres.

These are the proposed locations of the wind turbines as submitted by ConnectGen to the Federal Aviation Administration.  Each turbine would have a flashing red light at the top with the equivilant light level of a 300 watt bulb.  Vedauwoo is in the upper right corner on the diagram.  Ames Monument is near turbine #150.

Wind Turbines are getting larger, and turbine blades longer.

The Tallest Building in Wyoming is White Hall on the UW campus

White Hall is 12 stories and is 200 feet high.

Do Wind Turbines Fail?

You be the judge

Wind Turbines and Property Values

A presentation by


Kurt C. Kielisch, ASA, IFAS, SR/WA

President / Sr. Appraiser – Appraisal Group One