Industrial Turbine Facilities and Tourism

A report from Paul Montoya
Many people from around the United states and from around the world visit Albany County every year as a final destination.  They come here to experience:
  • the unspoiled West
  • Vedauwoo Recreation area
  • one of only 3% of the US that has dark enough skies to see the Milky Way
  • Ames Monument (Albany County’s only monument on the National Historic Register)
  • University of Wyoming
  • Medicine Bow National Park and trails
  • American Heritage Center
  • Historic Ivinson Mansion
  • Snowy Range Scenic Byway
Planned Industrial Turbine Facilities will generate approximately $1.2 million dollars in annual Revenue.
Albany County Tourism is estimated to bring in $190 million dollars in direct spending in 2020.  Over $10 million dollars in tax revenue!


What are our economic priorities?